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Sea Shepherd Education is about connecting teachers, students and future ocean warriors with the work Sea Shepherd is undertaking globally to defend the ocean ecosystem. Providing learning resources, access to our online learning platform, sharing information how you can help to protect the ocean, as well as some fun activities.

The ocean is under threat from overfishing, illegal fishing activity, poaching of key species like sharks, ocean pollution and climate change. Sea Shepherd Education shares firsthand experience from our direct action campaigns, to create a better understanding of the issues and the urgent need to take action and find solutions – For the Ocean.


Free online lessons and resources on marine conservation.


Learn about marine conservation and protecting the ocean.


Fun learning activities, colouring in and art projects.


Watch Sea Shepherd in action, the marine wildlife we need to protect, and life aboard our ships

Education News and Updates

New lesson series – Marine species

Sea Shepherd Education - New lesson series To assist we have released a range of lessons to help with curriculum [...]

New free resources for teachers

Sea Shepherd Education - New free resources for teachers The ocean is in trouble, suffering as a result of the [...]

Sea Shepherd launches online learning platform

Early in 2021 we launched the Sea Shepherd Education online learning platform. Our team has released a range of lessons, [...]

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