Early in 2021 we launched the Sea Shepherd Education online learning platform. Our team has released a range of lessons, including lessons on IUU fishing, poaching of marine species, ocean pollution, the dolphin captivity industry, and lessons on marine species and the manmade impacts threatening them.

Lessons and resources are available for secondary, primary and junior primary school teachers.

Our education program is a unique way to share with teachers and students our firsthand knowledge and insight into the many issues impacting the ocean and marine wildlife, gained through over 40 years of marine conservation on the frontline.

Through our online lessons, students learn to understand the amazing beauty of our ocean and the reasons to protect it. By understanding the overall importance of the ocean ecosystem, we want to inspire students to take control of their future on this planet and try and find solutions that can make a positive difference.

Sea Shepherd’s LessonUp channel provides free resources on marine conservation topics, for school teachers and students, including lesson plans, presentations, case studies from Sea Shepherd campaigns and lesson activity ideas to enhance learning.

Over the coming year lessons will be released in several different languages.

Please join us in the fight to protect the ocean and share Sea Shepherd’s education resources with teachers you know. Teachers, and anyone interested, can access the platform for free: