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What do you know about marine wildlife?

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How big are sharks?

How big are whales?

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Whales and Dolphins

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Pilot Whales

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Ocean Warrior

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Bob Barker

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Marine Wildlife

Do you know knots?

Being a deckhand you need to know how to tie many different knots. Give these basic knots a try.

The Half Hitch is often used as the start, or as an essential part of many important boating knots. Many hitches, bends, and knots rely on the classic Half Hitch. Typically, it's used as a component of other knots, but there are times when you can get away with using a Half Hitch Knot on its own.

The Bowline, super useful for a quick knot that’s easy to pull apart and won’t slide on the rope. Great for lifting and lowering gear which is very important on our ships when we could be moving anything from some fresh fruit and vegetables to lowering a small boat from the deck or even docking our vessels. The bowline stays put when there is constant pressure pulling on it which makes it a very strong knot.

The Clove Hitch is a very simple knot that allows you to quickly fasten a line around something, such as a guard wire or rail. It’s great for tying on boat fenders and is easy to adjust simply by releasing some tension on the crossover and shortening or lengthening the lines. The danger is that if that tension comes off the line, for example when the fenders touch the water, then it can self-release. To make it more secure you can make extra turns before passing the line through itself or pass a half hitch over the end with the load on to stop it loosening.

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