Join Sea Shepherd in protecting the ocean

Sea Shepherd has been protecting the ocean and marine wildlife for over 40 years. Our ships travel the world to tackle marine conservation issues, crewed mainly by volunteers.

Our volunteers come from over 40 countries, they are everyday people who want to help save the ocean and marine wildlife.

You too can help Sea Shepherd in the fight – For the Ocean.

Start by learning about Sea Shepherd and the many issues we have been tackling since 1977.

Sea Shepherd Online Learning

Visit Sea Shepherd Education’s online learning platform to learn more about marine conservation issues, from illegal fishing to ocean pollution. Sea Shepherd Case Studies provide summaries of our campaigns and the issues they are tackling.

These materials also provide a range of free teaching materials and activities you can share with your teachers.

Students and schools, or home schooling groups can access the platform for free here:

Here are some lessons you might like:

How you can help protect the ocean

Here are four ways you can help to protect the ocean and marine wildlife:

Reduce demand for fish

By reducing the consumption of fish, we can help tackle the impact of overfishing and illegal fishing activity.


Reduce the use of single use plastics and help recover trash from the ocean. Over 12 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean each year.

Help create solutions

Tackling the issues of overfishing, abandoned fishing gear and single use plastics requires new ways of thinking and behaving. What ideas do you have?

Raise awareness

Help spread the message. The more people know and understand the issues threatening the ocean, the more people can help create a change for the future.

Take Action for the Oceans!

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