Sea Shepherd Education – New free resources for teachers

The ocean is in trouble, suffering as a result of the many ways we interact, and place demands on the ocean and marine wildlife.

The huge demand for fish encourages both legal and illegal fishing operations to plunder the ocean resulting in overfishing, high rates of by-catch, the rapid decline in marine species and the destruction of the ocean ecosystem.

While Sea Shepherd operates on the frontline to stop this destructive behaviour and apprehend illegal operations, each one of us can make a difference, including the youngest of ocean warriors. By understanding our impacts and making better choices we can reduce the burden being placed on the ocean and protect marine wildlife.

Sea Shepherd Education aims to give even the youngest of students the understanding to be part of the movement to save the ocean and marine wildlife.  To provide more opportunities for students to learn about these issues, our volunteer education team have created 12 new programs, with a series of lessons for each topic.  These programs aim to help teachers meet curriculum requirements, while providing a valuable focus on ocean conservation. The programs are available for free via our learning platform.

These lessons utilise first-hand experience from Sea Shepherd campaigns, to show what is taking place, supporting topics covering ocean pollution, overfishing, threats to the biodiversity and survival of species, our impacts on the ocean and laws governing the sea.   Students can learn how as global citizens their everyday actions can have far reaching impacts and explore the ways they can help to turn the tide in the fight for the ocean.

Everyone can be part of the solution and help protect the future …. For the Ocean



Year/Grade 1 -2

Why is there trash in the ocean?

Who lives in the ocean?

Year/Grade 3 –4

What are ocean food chains?

How trash moves around the ocean

Year/Grade 5 -6

What pollution is impacting the ocean?

Human impacts on the ocean

Year/Grade 7-8

IUU and the law

Biodiversity of species

Year/Grade 9-10

The impact of eating fish – global citizen

What does overfishing mean for the ocean?

Year/Grade 11-12

IUU – What laws govern the sea?

How are humans causing the extinction of species